Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption which are derived from:

The World Federation of Occuaptional Therapists became a signatory of the Global Compact in 2004 and is listed as a stakeholder in civil society here. OOFRAS Inc as applied to the UN to participate in the Global Compact 1 September 2012.

Global Compact

OOFRAS Inc applauds this initiative as these principles strengthen foundations of civil society and reduce displacement.

Drawn from the Global Compact progress template, below are examples of how the network has supported these principles. Our current goals are in bold:

Human Rights

  • Collective OOFRAS Inc action is defined by our professional scope, however we are not silent or complicit as citizens where we see human rights of displaced people threatened by the actions/ or inaction of our respective countries.
  • Membership statement embraces the vision and mission of OOFRAS Inc which is drawn from occupational perspectives of human rights.
  • Map our voice for occuaptional needs and rights as we engage our policitians on Facebook, write to newslapers, comment in online media, share petitions to challenge the culture and tranform elements of fear, racism, violence, and resentment in our community conversations.


  • Fairtrade consumables for gatherings is an excellent tradition we love to support (eg tea, coffee, chocolate!) as are ethically sourced gifts (eg Oxfam, Justice Products)
  • Workshop catering needs have also created occupational opportunities for displaced people with emerging or existing businesses. 
  • Diversity is valued and we continually increase the cultural and linguistic diversity of the network.


  • We have reduced our impact on the environment in many small ways: re-using name tags, palm leaf plates at workshops, recycled paper stationary, emailing recipets, disposable bamboo cultery
  • We include information about climate-induced displacement on our site even though it's not covered by the UN Refugee Convention
  • The board of directors draft and publish a practical policy on sustainability to guide future directors and network action.


  • Being an Incorporated Association means more paper-work for us, but more transparency and accountability as we are legally bound to standards of governance.
  • Each board meetings includes at the start, a reminder and declaration about conflicts of interest, and zero tolerance of corruption.
  • The board of directors will be able to report on and make recommendations to mitigate key risks to corruption of our decisions or administration of our resources.
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