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OOFRAS is an international network, however the OOFRAS members within each country are best placed to represent the profession of occupational therapy in context.

They educate, advocate and directly intervene to protect the occupational needs and rights of displaced people.

They can also higlight the occupational implications of political debate and government policy within thier country.

Ultimately, by engaging local media as a member representing OOFRAS, the aim is to help the public, policy makers and politicians embody the World Federation of Occupational Therapists position statement on Human Displacement.


Participating in National Press

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How it works

National networks of OOFRAS members can organise their media-watch roster using the OOFRAS sign-up-schedule account.

Note that only OOFRAS members can make public comment representing OOFRAS Inc, of course individuals are free to make individual comment as a citizen.

OOFRAS members start by signing up for a roster: 

The Coordinator is the board member allocated for the month who will send reminder and encouragement emails throught the month for the writers. May also assist monitoring the media. 

The Writers keep abreast of national press to identify opportunities to contribute to the public education or contribute public comment regarding occupational implications and dimensions of debate. Writers identify an issue as within OOFRAS scope by questioning in the affirmative and negative.



We aim to have three writers each comit to publishing a minimum of one public comment that month. They sign their letter to the editor with first name, second name, member of Occupational Opportunities for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (OOFRAS) Inc. 

The Reviewers are the OOFRAS board who make themselves available via email for quick reponse to draft comment. They consider factual accuracy, a civil professional tone, and the focus on occupational dimension to the issue at hand. All letters and comments are published photo / screen captures are recorded and shared. 

Australian Media-Watch Team

If you are an OOFRAS member, sign up here for any week/s in any role. 
If you are not a member yet, please join first here

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