Our Heroes

Thank you

Aussie OOFRASer Allison Crunden

The membership fee for OOFRAS to become an Associatie member of the Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA) in 2014 was kindly donated by Aussie OOFRAS member Allison Crunden, whilst practicing in Vanuatu no less!

SCOA Membership helps connect OOFRAS members to into, networks, and is a source of continuing professional development for occupational therapists practicing in the settlement sector in Australia. THANK YOU Allison for openng up this opportunity to the network for 2014!! 

Excite Media

Excite Media gave us their content management system and have hosted our site from the very first to the present day! The technical support can only be described as excellent. Thank you Nathanael & Scott :)

The Reversals

Here's a plug for the The Reversals; download Nathanael's song Barbed Wire Fencewhich has supurb vocals and a story of displacement. They have helped us with our fundraising gig's.

Chris Rylands

Chris Rylands has quietly and reliably posted your Tshirts - thanks from all of us who support OOFRAS bying a T-shirt!

Southern Cross University

Profit raised from the Southern Cross University 2013 4th year student "health promotion" conference was donated to OOFRAS to launch the inagural "Tina Tribute"

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, Occupational Therapy Department 

Profit raised from the 2013 Occupational Therapy Week film screening was donated to OOFRAS projects which secured the Tina Tribute for 2014 and an international project - watch this space!



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