Parliament Watch

The Australian contingent of the OOFRAS Network can keep tabs on the 44th Parliament (opened 12th November 2013) and work together to keep politicians accountable.

By highlighting relevant "who said what" from the floor of the parliament, we support informed consent to what is being done in our name. 

By identifying "hOT matters" relevant to OOFRAS, we support advocacy and dissent wherever the implications undermine occupational needs and rights. 

Whilst OOFRAS is directly engaging in the political process, the network is diverse and apolitical. In short, we don't care which party you vote for. With respect to occupational needs and rights, all parties need to be kept accountable. 

Actions Since 44th Parliament Opened 12th November 2013

  • 3 letters to MP
  • [number] Phone calls to MP
  • 1 direct MP Tweets re parliament speech
  • [number] direct MP Facebook posts re parliament speech
  • Shared dissent map with [tally number] dissenting and 6 555 views

Australian Parliament House

Parliament Watch Guidelines

To participate you must be a registered OT/ currently enrolled as an OT student AND eligible to vote in Australia. This is a very specific project about directly monitoring and engaging the parliament and engaging parliamentarians about what is said there, not media or analysis generally.

You speak as an individual occupational therapist (there are other mechanisms to engage your voice as a citizen generally) Representation of the OOFRAS position on a matter is a role for the current office bearers to determine and/or delegate.

"hOT matters" raised with a parliamentarians is grounded in occupational needs, occupational rights, occupational therapy code of ethics, occupational therapy practice experience and/or research. 

Dignity your profession, and dignify the public office and role of parliament no matter how irate you are with the politician!

Join quarterly meet & greets with others Aussie OTs involved and use the space for continuing professional development.

Complete guidelines for posting in the Facebook Parliament Watch Event.

Join the Parliament Watch

  1. Join the Facebook event for updates and also join the next quarterly Parliament Watch Meet & Greet
  2. Sign up to email alerts of "hOT matters" that arrise when parliament sits
  3. Sign up to email alerts for your MP on Open Australia by entering your post code.
  4. Engage directly with the relevant MP - write, phone, invite, visit, tweet, post etc.
  5. Share your action with OOFRAS so we can keep track of our engagement and impact
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