World OT Day October 27th

World OT Day celebrates the contributions of occupational therapy around the globe. 

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists has more information on World OT Day

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World OT Day

OOFRAS & OT Global Day of Service

OOFRAS Inc joins the Global Day of Service (OT GDS) as a means of OT giving back to the community for OT Week. 

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World OT Day - OT GDS


OOFRAS & 24 hour Virtual Exchange

Bravo to the Online Technology for Occupational Therapy initiative celebrating with a free online conferences making learning and networking available to all.

It's been great seeing presenters from the OOFRAS network featured in the 24 sessions in 24 hour conference:

Twitter Fun #OTW13

Occupational therapists create and enable opportunities for full and fair participation in life - whatever your story! #whatisOT #OTW13

Occupational therapists challenge policy wherever the occupational implications undermine people's health & human rights #OTW13 #whatisOT

Occupational therapy respects human rights by declaring normative the occupational needs that underpin health #OTW13 #whatisOT

The moment we stop engaging the occupational problems faced by the community, occupational therapy stops being relevant-so we engage! #OTW13

#whatisOT profession whose integrity hinges on being wherever there is the need to enable participation and challenge occupational injustice

What did you do for OT Week last year?

Whilst OOFRAS members around the world participated in a range of celebrations for OT week, it's highly unlikely any OT participated in a game of Bozkashi! 

We are pleased to present a snapshot of an intriguing occupation by freelance photographer and journalist, Jawad Hamdard Kia who reported during OT Week from Afghanistan.

Jawad Hamdard Kia

His generosity in sharing his work helps us begin to appreciate the this national sport, and the significance of it's survival for the health of the community and culture.



Bozkashi; an occupation rich in sport, culture and history!

Friday 26 October 2012, a Bozkashi game marked the day of Eid ul Adha, in the Yakawlang district of Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. 

About 40 Bozkashi players, called chappa-andaz, and thousands of onlookers from across the district, gathered at the Deh-sorkh racing grounds to watch the two contending teams, Yahya and Jumaa.

There were three rounds; in the first round Mohamdard Karbalyee from the Juma team won by throwing the Boz, a goat carcass, into the ring three times to score winning points. 

In the second round, the Yahya team won, and went on to win the third and final round! The prize for each round was 5000 Afghani, which was granted by General Ghulam Ali Wahdat, the Deputy Minister of the Interior of the National Afghan government.

Bozhashi is an interesting game with a serious side. It is one of the historical and most traditional games of Afghanistan, which mostly is prevalent in the northern provinces and central highlands of Afghanistan.

However despite being important cultural games, Bozkashi like Naiza Zani, or Lance, in which people throw long spears at a target, were almost stopped with the civil wars and continual emmigration of the central highland people from the country.

But in the district of Yakawlang Bozkahi, despite the uninterrupted emmigration, diverse mutations during the civil wars, and especially the darkness of the Taliban period, is still alive.

Today, Bozkashi, is the most popular game among the people. This event is organized mostly during times of celebration like weddings, Eid days, and the Nawrooz festival.

Lord Akbar Bamyani, aged 84, was in attendance and was once the champion of Bozkashi in Afghanistan. He explained that he “four times participated as a member of the central-highland team, at the national level Bozkashi event in Kabul during the government of King Zahir Shah." He went onto say he also competed "during the government of first Afghan president Dawood Khan.” 

Not only did Bamyani win four gold medals, he also received two medals from the Bamyan governor at the provincial level races in Bamyan province during past times. He believes that Bozkashi is "the most popular game of the Afghan people."

Bozkashi is related to cultural Turkish horse races but for thousands of years, been played among the Hazara people and is an important feature of culture and community life.

OOFRAS Note: 1 in every 3 refugees of the world originates from Afghanistan, the Hazara people continue to be persecuted. Learn more with 2012 UNHCR information about Afghanistan here

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World OT Day

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